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Clinical Pilates is a unique approach to Pilates that focuses on rehabilitation goals while also working to improve flexibility and strengthening the core.

Clinical Pilates is guided by healthcare individuals who have an extensive understanding of anatomy, the mechanics of human movement, and how to manage injuries. It involves individualised exercise plans designed to suit each person's health and recovery needs.


Looking for a Full Body Workout Led by a Professional? Try a Clinical Pilates Program in Long Gully!

If you struggle with an acute or chronic injury or illness, finding the right type of exercise, tailored to your needs, may be difficult. You want to be active and increase your body awareness, but pain or mobility issues may be stopping you from attending traditional Pilates classes, or other exercise groups.

Clinical Pilates can be moulded to fit your personal needs and goals. An instructor in Long Gully trained in this discipline can guide you in leveraging this type of exercise to its fullest potential, given your specific circumstances.


Exploring Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates, conducted under the supervision of skilled physiotherapists, focuses on bettering muscle power, alignment, core firmness, fitness conditions, and awareness of bodily movements. In contrast to mat Pilates and reformer Pilates that offer a more universal exercise strategy, Clinical Pilates delivers a customised and rehabilitative approach.

Converse to conventional Pilates, Clinical Pilates in Long Gully is directed by healthcare providers with university-level training, like physiotherapists or exercise physiologists, who possess an extensive grasp of anatomy, biomechanics, and the care of injuries. This ensures your exercise plan is customised to suit your needs, taking into account any medical conditions or injuries, whether you opt for a group setting or individual instruction.

Pilates Long Gully


The Key Benefits of Clinical Pilates in Long Gully

Clinical Pilates instructors often utilise equipment with clients. The most well known and commonly used Pilates equipment, known as Pilates reformer, are designed to assist users with achieve a number of outcomes, including;

Injury Rehabilitation

One of the standout features of Clinical Pilates is its rehabilitation-centric approach, which caters to a broad spectrum of injuries including those related to back pain, neck pain, joint problems, and musculoskeletal conditions. The exercise regimes are specifically adjusted to deal with particular weaknesses and movement dysfunctions, aiming to accelerate the healing process.

Strength and Stability

In addition to injury rehabilitation, Clinical Pilates focuses on developing core strength and stability. The deep core muscles, including the abdominal, pelvic floor, and spinal muscles, are targeted and strengthened through precise and controlled movements. By developing a strong core, you may improve your posture, enhance stability, improve back pain, and reduce the risk of future back pain episodes.

Flexibility and Range of Motion

In conjunction to bolstering core strength, Clinical Pilates also focuses on optimising flexibility and the range of motion. The training integrates dynamic as well as static stretches, crafted to foster greater flexibility and enhance joint motion. This increase in flexibility is intended to produce a chain of benefits like better posture, eased muscle tension, and more effective overall motion, thus decreasing the occurrence of muscle strains and pain.

Focus on Fitness and Body Awareness

Depending on how you and your Pilates instructor design your sessions, Clinical Pilates has the ability to give you a full-body workout. Clinical Pilates instructors will show you how to use each piece of equipment, whether on or off the Pilates reformer, to work on specific sets of muscles. With this, Clinical Pilates classes aim to increase both general strength and fitness and body awareness.

Engaging in regular Clinical Pilates sessions may have a positive impact on your mental well-being as well.


All About Clinical Pilates Sessions near Long Gully

The rhythmic movements, dedicated breathing methods, and calming elements within Pilates are regarded as beneficial in cutting down stress, promoting a sense of calm, and increasing overall mental awareness.

In Clinical Pilates sessions, we begin with a thorough assessment conducted by our practitioners. This assessment is designed to pinpoint your individual needs, objectives, and any existing injuries or limitations. Using this assessment as a foundation, we will develop a customised program to meet your unique requirements.

In the course of your sessions, your healthcare practitioner will oversee your performance of a set of exercises using specific Pilates equipment, such as reformers, stability balls, and resistance bands. These exercises are customised to suit your capabilities and are constructed to progressively test your strength, flexibility, and stability.

Clinical Pilates Long Gully


Your Clinical Pilates Questions Answered


What Makes Ace Allied Health Unique?

Qualified Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors

Personalised Programs

Goal Oriented

Our passionate team members are highly qualified and dedicated to assisting people of all abilities. Our team members have also completed professional development specifically in Clinical Pilates.

We value the distinctive goals of every individual and consistently create our programs to align with their particular needs.

Whether you are on the road to recovery from an injury or looking to elevate your athletic abilities, our experienced team always takes your goals into account.


Explore Clinical Pilates Classes

Right from your initial assessment, our objective is to help you feel comfortable with Clinical Pilates classes. Whether you’re funding it through your health fund or privately, whether you’re engaging in a group session or one-on-one, you may quickly realise the advantages of Clinical Pilates in improving your body’s training and strength.


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If you’re seeking a holistic approach to rehabilitation, core strength, and overall well-being, Clinical Pilates may be an excellent choice for you. With its focus on personalised care, expert supervision, and targeted exercises, Clinical Pilates offers a fun way to achieve optimal physical health. Experience the transformative benefits of Clinical Pilates and embark on a journey towards a stronger, more resilient body. Contact Ace Allied Health today to learn more about Clinical Pilates and schedule your first session.

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