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Uncover the benefits exercise physiology can bring to your overall well-being.

Through examining the interaction of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, exercise physiology near Daylesford aids in comprehending the inner workings during physical exertion.


About Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is a specialised field within allied health that delves into the workings of our bodies when we’re active. If a particular condition is limiting your movement or you’ve found that your calves are consistently sore after walking a distance, exercise physiology is worth considering! It’s beneficial for boosting performance and general well-being, guiding us toward our fitness objectives.


Conditions Exercise Physiology Assists

We frequently utilise exercise physiology as a key component in treating and managing an array of health conditions, including:

Cardiovascular Conditions

We have Daylesford exercise physiologists who design sound workout programs specifically for individuals grappling with cardiovascular conditions, including hypertension and coronary artery disease.

Respiratory Conditions

If you have respiratory conditions like asthma or COPD, our focus is to enhance your lung capacity, strengthen your muscles, and safely increase your ability to exercise.

Metabolic Disorders

When it comes to metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, we’re here to assist you in locating a suitable exercise regimen.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Exercise physiology can offer extensive benefits for those struggling with musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Neuromuscular Conditions

Through specific exercise programs, we aim to help people with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and more to improve their motor function and overall well-being.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer patients and survivors deserve a high level of personalised care, which we provide through our tailored exercise physiology programs near Daylesford.


How Exercise Physiology Helps to Unleash Your Inner Potential

Bespoke exercise programs are developed by our Daylesford team, aiming at improving various chronic health problems and injuries. Whether you’re currently less active or wish to increase your activity, we strive to elevate your physical and mental states. We approach your objectives with achievable steps, proving to you that you’ve got this—and it’s satisfying when you do!

Ready to begin on your path towards optimal health and performance?


Meet Our Daylesford Exercise Physiologists

Our team is keen on guiding you to unlock the life-changing benefits of exercise physiology! At our Castlemaine and Maryborough spots, Clare Berto uses her expertise in areas like musculoskeletal and metabolic conditions, as well as neurological disorders, to enrich people’s lives. 


Life Program

The Life Program, a complimentary initiative funded by the state, is designed for those at a higher likelihood of developing chronic health issues, including diabetes and heart-related diseases. Prevention tops our priority list, and we’re keen to help you make beneficial changes to your way of living. 

Our exercise physiologists are uniquely qualified among healthcare providers to manage The Life Program, thanks to our training in not only prescribing exercises but also in managing chronic diseases and fostering lifestyle improvements. Ace Allied Health offers group sessions within The Life Program to discuss key elements such as nutrition, physical workouts, coping with stress, obtaining adequate rest, and achieving a more balanced life. 

Exercise Physiology Daylesford


Questions About Exercise Physiology


Why is Ace Allied Health So Ace?

It’s all about the approach! At Ace Allied Health, our mission is to understand and optimise every body’s response to physical demands. We look at both the physical and psychological aspects of people’s lives to determine how we can best help to encourage healthy habits through assessments, goal setting, and— of course— exercises. We keep your goals at the forefront of our minds so that we can help you to achieve them as quickly and as safely as possible, giving you a physical and mental boost to conquer life.

exercise physiologist Daylesford


Fuel Your Body and Energise Your Life with Exercise Physiology near Daylesford

The core of our services at Ace Allied Health is improving your strength, mobility, and overall health through exercise physiology. Whether it’s our Life Program that catches your interest or individual consultations, we’re more than happy to assist. Tailoring our services to meet your personal health goals and lifestyle, we welcome people of all ages and abilities. Our overarching mission is to contribute to happier, healthier lives. Should this resonate with you, our seasoned and enthusiastic team awaits your call! 

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