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At Ace Allied Health, we believe in the power of individualised care. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering personalised NDIS services near Avoca that cater to your unique needs and wants.

We work closely with participants, their families, and support networks to develop tailored plans that address your specific goals and requirements.


Optimise Your NDIS Resources With Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services

If you have a disability, there are times when your physical abilities may influence your capacity to manage daily tasks like personal care, cooking, or even engaging in leisure activities like sports or jogging.

With the assistance of a caregiver, adaptive tools, or after completing post-operative rehabilitation, you might find aspects of daily life more manageable. But what if you can’t rely on these supports whenever you need them? It’s often the aim of health care teams to help you maintain or regain your independence, a goal that NDIS physiotherapy near Avoca frequently targets.


A Comprehensive Suite of NDIS Physiotherapy Services

The purpose of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is to assist individuals with varying health issues by offering the support they require. Our team of Avoca physiotherapists at Ace Allied Health is proud to extend their physiotherapy services to NDIS participants who manage their own funds or have plan-managed accounts and could benefit from our services.

Our range of NDIS services covers a wide spectrum, including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics. Whether you require support in improving mobility, enhancing daily living skills, improving function, weight management, or dietary guidance for chronic conditions or eating disorders, our team has the experience and resources to assist you.

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How we help as NDIS provider Avoca


How We Assist You as Your NDIS Provider

Our experienced physiotherapists tackle an extensive range of health issues, from spinal cord traumas and acquired brain injuries to complex and ongoing health conditions and physical impairments. Through thorough initial assessments, we design therapeutic solutions that are aligned with each person’s specific abilities and medical history.

For individuals in need of mobility support, we provide tailored mobility devices and advice in coordination with the NDIS. Our team works hand in hand with you to design home-based exercise regimens focused on bettering physical capabilities and daily activities. Whether it’s pain relief or functioning with various types of disabilities you’re seeking, our team is committed to assisting you reach your objectives, be it in your own home or in one of our clinical settings.

Besides physiotherapy, we also offer exercise physiology and Dietetics as part of our service range. Our capable team is focused on aiding you in multiple aspects, from personal growth and daily life skills to guiding you and others in crafting effective management plans. We uphold a comprehensive view of health, and are dedicated to helping you on your path to better health and life quality with the support of NDIS funding.

Looking to fully utilise your NDIS funds and conquer day-to-day challenges?


How We Deliver NDIS Physiotherapy Services near Avoca

We strive to make NDIS Allied Health Services like Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics available to clients using NDIS resources, who think these services could be beneficial for them. We carry this out through:

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A Strong and Trusting Relationship

We recognise the essential nature of establishing solid, trust-based connections with those who partake in our NDIS services. By taking the time to truly hear you out and comprehend your needs, we partner with you and your network of supporters to formulate plans that support your goals.


Aiming for Unmatched Quality

Pursuing top-quality outcomes is a staple of our operations at Ace Allied Health. Our team is consistently engaged in professional advancement to ensure we’re in tune with the most recent scientific evidence and therapy strategies.

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NDIS physiotherapy Central VIC Avoca


Individually Designed Plans

Understanding that no two people are alike, we collaborate closely with each participant to identify the supports that are most appropriate for their distinct abilities and necessities.


Target-Oriented Approach

Setting goals and reaching for them with physiotherapy is key. By focusing on your goals together, we work as a team and aim to improve your physical function as much as possible.

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Why Ace Allied Health?

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Passionate Team

We’re Where You Are

Not all physiotherapists have the same approach or perspective. At Ace Allied Health, our qualified physiotherapists are trained in working with NDIS participants and their varied needs. With multiple clinicians we aim to match participants with clinicians that may have specific experience dealing with people with similar health issues.

Our physiotherapists and additional team members are dedicated in their professional pursuits and committed in their dedication to help clients achieve their goals.

With home visit options and four strategically placed clinics, you can easily access our services whether you’re in Castlemaine, Maryborough, Bendigo or the surrounding areas. We also extend our services to smaller towns through home visits, and are committed to providing care to rural communities.


Avoca’s NDIS Physiotherapists

Our skilled Allied Health team brings experience and understanding to your physical needs. As soon as we begin with an initial assessment, we aim for your utmost comfort under our guidance. Leveraging our modern facilities and collective experience, each phase of your plan is individualised to support you in achieving your desired outcomes, boosting self-reliance, and taking an active part in community life.


Elevating Well-being and Capabilities

At Ace Allied Health, we put your well-being above all else. Age, lifestyle, or life stage—none of it matters as much as helping you feel your best. Our offerings range from physiotherapy and exercise physiology to dietetics, and we’re in your corner, cheering you toward achieving your ambitions. Make the first move toward enhanced well-being by arranging an appointment today.

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