NDIS Physiotherapy in Campbells Creek

At Ace Allied Health, the essence of our service lies in personalisation. Our experienced team members focus on offering NDIS services near Campbells Creek that align precisely with your unique needs and objectives.

We work in collaboration with you, your family, and your support network to craft individualised strategies to meet your unique objectives and needs.


Harness Your NDIS Funding Effectively with Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services

If you have a disability, there are times when your physical abilities may influence your capacity to manage daily tasks like personal care, cooking, or even engaging in leisure activities like sports or jogging.

When you have the support of an aide, the help of assistive devices, or have undergone rehabilitation following an operation, certain life tasks become more attainable. But, what if you can’t access these supports all the time? The objective of many health practitioners is to promote as much independence as possible, something that NDIS physio services near Campbells Creek are designed to support.


A Comprehensive Suite of NDIS Physiotherapy Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to provide people with various health conditions with the support they need. As NDIS physiotherapists near Campbells Creek, our team at Ace Allied Health is proud to provide physiotherapy services to self funded and plan managed NDIS participants who may benefit from our assistance.

Our range of NDIS services covers a wide spectrum, including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics. Whether you require support in improving mobility, enhancing daily living skills, improving function, weight management, or dietary guidance for chronic conditions or eating disorders, our team has the experience and resources to assist you.

NDIS services Campbells Creek

How we help as NDIS provider Campbells Creek


How We Help as Your NDIS Provider

Our qualified physiotherapists focus on addressing a wide array of health conditions, including spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, complex and chronic health issues, and physical disabilities. Through a thorough initial assessment, we tailor therapeutic supports to match each person’s ability and unique medical history.

If you’re looking for help with mobility issues, we can supply customised aids and guidance, all facilitated through the NDIS. Our physios work with you to construct home workout plans aimed at elevating your physical skills and daily chores. Regardless of whether you need help with managing discomfort or functioning with physical or intellectual disabilities, our team is dedicated to aiding you in realising your goals, either at home or in any of our clinic locations.

Besides physiotherapy, we also offer exercise physiology and Dietetics as part of our service range. Our capable team is focused on aiding you in multiple aspects, from personal growth and daily life skills to guiding you and others in crafting effective management plans. We uphold a comprehensive view of health, and are dedicated to helping you on your path to better health and life quality with the support of NDIS funding.

Eager to maximise your NDIS funding while tackling daily activities?


How We Provide NDIS Physiotherapy Services near Campbells Creek

We strive to make NDIS Allied Health Services like Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics available to clients using NDIS resources, who think these services could be beneficial for them. We carry this out through:

Ace Allied Health NDIS Campbells Creek


A Strong and Trusting Relationship

We recognise the essential nature of establishing solid, trust-based connections with those who partake in our NDIS services. By taking the time to truly hear you out and comprehend your needs, we partner with you and your network of supporters to formulate plans that support your goals.


Setting the Bar High for Quality Care

We aim for the highest quality in every facet of our NDIS work at Ace Allied Health. Constant growth and training enable us to stay current with the newest evidence-informed practices.

Central Victoria NDIS Physio Campbells Creek

NDIS physiotherapy Central VIC Campbells Creek


Individually Designed Plans

Each individual is unique! We engage one-on-one with each participant to pinpoint the particular supports that cater to their individual capabilities and requirements.


Focused on Achieving Goals

Setting goals and reaching for them with physiotherapy is key. By focusing on your goals together, we work as a team and aim to improve your physical function as much as possible.

NDIS physiotherapy Campbells Creek




Why Ace Allied Health?

NDIS Physiotherapists

Passionate Team

We’re Where You Are

No two physiotherapists are alike in their techniques or philosophies. Within Ace Allied Health, our skilled physiotherapists are adept at handling the multifaceted requirements of NDIS participants. Given our array of clinicians, our goal is to align participants with practitioners who may share experience in treating comparable health problems.

Our team, including our physiotherapists, are enthusiastic about their roles and committed to assisting individuals in reaching their objectives.

With four conveniently located clinics and a home visit service, we’re always close by to assist you in Castlemaine, Maryborough, Bendigo, or in your own home in and around these regions. We service multiple smaller towns in these regions with home visits. We are passionate about bringing these services to rural Australians, who sometimes miss out.


Campbells Creek’s NDIS Physiotherapists

With a team of skilled Allied Health practitioners, we’re prepared to help you enhance your physical function. From our initial session, we aim to make you feel completely at ease in our hands. By utilising our modern equipment and in-depth experience, we design each stage of your personalised plan to facilitate your goals, heighten your independence, and enable community involvement.


Fostering Health and Performance

At Ace Allied Health, we prioritise your health and happiness. Regardless of your age, current life situation, or way of life, we’re here to help you achieve optimal well-being. Be it through physiotherapy, exercise science, nutritional advice, or any other service we offer, we stand by you in your journey towards your objectives. Start your journey towards a more fulfilling life by scheduling a session now.

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