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At Ace Allied Health, the essence of our service lies in personalisation. Our experienced team members focus on offering NDIS services near Daylesford that align precisely with your unique needs and objectives.

We partner with you, along with your family and other supporters, to formulate plans that are personalised to your distinct needs and goals.


Harness Your NDIS Funding Effectively with Physiotherapy and Allied Health Services

If you’re living with a disability, you might find daily activities like personal care, cooking, cleaning, gardening, jogging, or playing sports to be challenging at times due to your physical capabilities.

If you’ve got a personal support worker, supportive equipment or have gone through post-surgical rehabilitation, you may find some aspects of your life are easier to manage. But what if you can’t access these therapeutic aids whenever you need them? Many health professionals focus on helping you maintain or regain your independence, and NDIS physiotherapy services near Daylesford are often aligned with this objective.


An Extensive Selection of NDIS Physiotherapy Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to provide people with various health conditions with the support they need. As NDIS physiotherapists near Daylesford, our team at Ace Allied Health is proud to provide physiotherapy services to self funded and plan managed NDIS participants who may benefit from our assistance.

Our range of NDIS services covers a wide spectrum, including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics. Whether you require support in improving mobility, enhancing daily living skills, improving function, weight management, or dietary guidance for chronic conditions or eating disorders, our team has the experience and resources to assist you.

NDIS services Daylesford

How we help as NDIS provider Daylesford


How We Assist You as Your NDIS Provider

Our qualified physiotherapists work to address a broad spectrum of health conditions like spinal cord afflictions, acquired brain injuries, multifaceted and enduring health matters, and physical handicaps. By carrying out a comprehensive initial review, we fine-tune therapeutic interventions to work with each individual’s capabilities and medical background.

If you’re looking for help with mobility issues, we can supply customised aids and guidance, all facilitated through the NDIS. Our physios work with you to construct home workout plans aimed at elevating your physical skills and daily chores. Regardless of whether you need help with managing discomfort or functioning with physical or intellectual disabilities, our team is dedicated to aiding you in realising your goals, either at home or in any of our clinic locations.

In addition to the physiotherapy we provide, our service offerings also cover exercise physiology and Dietetics. Our qulaified team aim to back you in a variety of ways, from increasing your capabilities to refining your day-to-day skills and helping both you and your associates in formulating strategic plans. We employ a holistic outlook on health and wellness, and are committed to supporting you as you strive for enhanced health and life satisfaction through NDIS subsidised services.

Ready to make the most of your NDIS funding and aim to conquer everyday tasks?


How We Provide NDIS Physiotherapy Services near Daylesford

We strive to make NDIS Allied Health Services like Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics available to clients using NDIS resources, who think these services could be beneficial for them. We carry this out through:

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Creating a Secure and Trustworthy Partnership

Building a strong and trust-filled relationship with our NDIS participants is vital to us. We pay attention, understand your needs, and work closely with you, your family, guardians, and plan managers to develop a plan that matches your desires and objectives.


Striving for Excellence

Our team at Ace Allied Health is committed to excelling in all aspects of the services we offer under the NDIS. Continuous learning and adaptation are key, keeping us up to date with modern, data-backed methods and therapeutic techniques.

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NDIS physiotherapy Central VIC Daylesford


Personalised Plans

Everybody is different, and that’s something to be celebrated! We work with each person individually to focus on the specific supports for each person’s ability and needs.


Target-Oriented Approach

Aiming for and achieving set goals through physiotherapy is vital. We work with you, centring our efforts on your goals, with the ultimate aim of improving your physical capabilities as extensively as we can.

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Why Choose Ace Allied Health?

NDIS Physiotherapists

Passionate Team

We’re Where You Are

Physiotherapists can differ greatly in their style and focus. At Ace Allied Health, our accomplished physiotherapists are equipped to cater to the wide array of needs that NDIS participants present. With several clinicians at our disposal, we aim to connect participants with clinicians familiar with dealing with similar health issues.

Our physiotherapists and additional team members are dedicated in their professional pursuits and committed in their dedication to help clients achieve their goals.

Boasting four accessible clinics and a home visit programme, we’re within reach whether you’re in Castlemaine, Maryborough, Bendigo or your own home in these vicinities. We offer home visits to several smaller communities as well, and are committed to making sure rural Australians aren’t left behind.


Daylesford’s NDIS Physiotherapists

With a team of skilled Allied Health practitioners, we’re prepared to help you enhance your physical function. From our initial session, we aim to make you feel completely at ease in our hands. By utilising our modern equipment and in-depth experience, we design each stage of your personalised plan to facilitate your goals, heighten your independence, and enable community involvement.


Empowering Health and Performance

At Ace Allied Health, we put your well-being above all else. Age, lifestyle, or life stage—none of it matters as much as helping you feel your best. Our offerings range from physiotherapy and exercise physiology to dietetics, and we’re in your corner, cheering you toward achieving your ambitions. Make the first move toward enhanced well-being by arranging an appointment today.

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