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At Ace Allied Health, we stand by the impact of tailored care. Our experienced team are committed to providing NDIS services near Long Gully that are customised to meet your specific requirements and desires.

We work closely with participants, their families, and support networks to develop tailored plans that address your specific goals and requirements.


Utilise Your NDIS Funding With NDIS Physiotherapy For Allied Health Services

If you have a disability, there are times when your physical abilities may influence your capacity to manage daily tasks like personal care, cooking, or even engaging in leisure activities like sports or jogging.

If you have a support person, assistive equipment, or have completed rehabilitation after surgery, some aspects of life may be more manageable. But what if these therapeutic supports aren’t available whenever you need them? Regaining and maintaining independence wherever possible is something that health professionals strive for, and in many cases, NDIS physiotherapy services near Long Gully aim to assist with this.


A Comprehensive Suite of NDIS Physiotherapy Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is geared towards providing essential support to individuals with various medical conditions. We at Ace Allied Health are proud to contribute by offering physiotherapy services near Long Gully to those NDIS participants who are self funded or plan managed, and are likely to find our services beneficial.

With a diverse range of NDIS services that include Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Dietetics, our team can assist you in areas like mobility enhancement, improving daily life skills, functional development, weight management, and dietary guidance for chronic conditions or eating disorders.

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How we help as NDIS provider Long Gully


How We Assist You as Your NDIS Provider

Our experienced physiotherapists tackle an extensive range of health issues, from spinal cord traumas and acquired brain injuries to complex and ongoing health conditions and physical impairments. Through thorough initial assessments, we design therapeutic solutions that are aligned with each person’s specific abilities and medical history.

If you’re looking for help with mobility issues, we can supply customised aids and guidance, all facilitated through the NDIS. Our physios work with you to construct home workout plans aimed at elevating your physical skills and daily chores. Regardless of whether you need help with managing discomfort or functioning with physical or intellectual disabilities, our team is dedicated to aiding you in realising your goals, either at home or in any of our clinic locations.

In addition to physiotherapy, our services extend to include exercise physiology and Dietetics. Our qualified professionals aim to support you in various ways, from capacity building and enhancing daily living skills to assisting yourself and other parties in building management strategies. We believe in a holistic approach to health and well-being, and we’re committed to assisting you on your journey towards improved health and quality of life through NDIS-funded services.

Eager to maximise your NDIS funding while tackling daily activities?


How We Provide NDIS Physiotherapy Services near Long Gully

We aim to provide NDIS Allied Health Services, including Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics services to clients with NDIS funding who feel these services may be beneficial for them. We do this through:

Ace Allied Health NDIS Long Gully


Creating a Secure and Trustworthy Partnership

We recognise the essential nature of establishing solid, trust-based connections with those who partake in our NDIS services. By taking the time to truly hear you out and comprehend your needs, we partner with you and your network of supporters to formulate plans that support your goals.


Aiming for Unmatched Quality

At Ace Allied Health, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our NDIS services. Our team undergoes continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest evidence-based practices and therapeutic approaches.

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NDIS physiotherapy Central VIC Long Gully


Personalised Plans

Understanding that no two people are alike, we collaborate closely with each participant to identify the supports that are most appropriate for their distinct abilities and necessities.


Target-Oriented Approach

Goal-setting is central to our physiotherapy approach. In concentrating on your specific objectives, we collaborate as a team to enhance your physical capabilities to the fullest extent possible.

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Your NDIS Physiotherapy Questions Answered


Why Ace Allied Health?

NDIS Physiotherapists

Passionate Team

We’re Where You Are

Not all physiotherapists have the same approach or perspective. At Ace Allied Health, our qualified physiotherapists are trained in working with NDIS participants and their varied needs. With multiple clinicians we aim to match participants with clinicians that may have specific experience dealing with people with similar health issues.

Our physiotherapists, along with the rest of our team, are passionate about their work and are unwavering in their commitment to aid people in attaining their goals.

With home visit options and four strategically placed clinics, you can easily access our services whether you’re in Castlemaine, Maryborough, Bendigo or the surrounding areas. We also extend our services to smaller towns through home visits, and are committed to providing care to rural communities.


Long Gully’s NDIS Physiotherapists

Our skilled Allied Health team brings experience and understanding to your physical needs. As soon as we begin with an initial assessment, we aim for your utmost comfort under our guidance. Leveraging our modern facilities and collective experience, each phase of your plan is individualised to support you in achieving your desired outcomes, boosting self-reliance, and taking an active part in community life.


Elevating Well-being and Capabilities

At Ace Allied Health, your well-being is our priority. No matter your age, stage of life, or lifestyle, we want to help you feel your best! Whether that’s with physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietetics, or something else, we’re the team in your corner cheering you on to help you reach your goals. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier life by booking an appointment today.

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