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Helping you to be your best through the power of physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on restoring and optimising physical function. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or looking to enhance your overall well-being, our dedicated team of highly skilled physiotherapists is here to guide you on your journey to recovery.


Physiotherapy Explained

Understanding that each individual is distinct, physiotherapy at Ace Allied Health takes on a personalised approach. Utilising custom evaluations, specifically designed treatment regimens, and evidence-based hands-on techniques, we actively partner with you in an endeavour to ease discomfort, boost your mobility, and enrich your overall life experience. 


Conditions Physiotherapy Aims to Treat

Through the lens of physiotherapy, the goal is to manage multiple conditions and aid individuals in elevating their physical skills, thereby bettering their overall life quality. 

Chronic Health Conditions

Our Carisbrook physiotherapists assist people with conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, respiratory disorders, and more.


Explore the Extensive Range of Physiotherapy Services near Carisbrook

Physiotherapy Carisbrook

Onsite physiotherapy for employers

Employers benefit when their workforce is in top shape. That’s why our onsite physiotherapy works directly at your workplace, offering treatments, advice, and training focused on preventing injuries and boosting employee health, thereby reducing sick days and lifting team spirit. 

Vestibular physio

When the vestibular system is out of sync, it can lead to unsettling symptoms like dizziness and imbalance, hampering your quality of life. We’re here to help you regain control through vestibular physiotherapy, utilising custom exercises and methodologies to recalibrate your vestibular system and improve your balance and overall well-being.

Sports physiotherapy Carisbrook

Sports Physio Carisbrook

Sports physiotherapy

Our goal is to be instrumental in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries related to sports, while also enhancing athletic performance. Using our honed skills, we offer comprehensive injury management plans, hands-on therapies, individualised exercise prescriptions, and insights on how to prevent future injuries. This enables athletes across the board to recover effectively, build strength, and return to their chosen sport in peak condition.


Our collection of Carisbrook physiotherapy interventions focuses on optimising your physical health, mitigating discomfort, and fostering a sense of well-being. Customised to suit you, these treatments might encompass manual therapies such as joint manoeuvres and soft tissue treatments, specifically designed exercises, thermal based treatments, and advice on maintaining good posture, proper body mechanics, and self-care routines.

Physio Treatments Carisbrook

Exercise Classes Carisbrook

Exercise programs

We craft personalised exercise regimes that consider your unique goals, health conditions, and physical capacities. From stretching and strengthening to balance and cardiovascular exercises, our aim is to better your mobility, amplify your strength, extend your endurance, foster flexibility, and reinstate effective movement. 

Ready to start feeling and moving better with physiotherapy?


Meet Our Team of Carisbrook Physio’s

The Ace Allied Health crew is a collection of seasoned allied health practitioners, each highly skilled in their own distinct domains. We’re always eager to broaden our knowledge through ongoing education and the pursuit of the most recent insights in the field. This blend of tradition and innovation allows us to customise treatments to each person’s unique needs, ensuring the most favourable outcomes. 


About Our Ace Approach

We take a personalised and holistic approach to every form of treatment we offer.

Not only this, we also make sure your treatment goals are doable, aware of how this benefits you both physically and mentally. Our aim is to help you feel in control of your body again, rebuild your self-confidence, and enjoy a life filled with energy. Trust in us to help you find your balance once more. 

Physiotherapy treatment Carisbrook


Physiotherapy FAQ’s


Why you Should Choose Ace Allied Health as Your Physiotherapist

We put you at the heart of everything we do, offering a breadth of services you won’t easily find nearby, such as hydrotherapy and cognitive functional therapy. Whether you’re a sportsperson on the rise or someone tackling persistent pain, we’re in your corner. Let us help you tap into your body’s true power and revel in a life lived fully. 

Physiotherapist Carisbrook


Begin Your Journey to Recovery with Ace Allied Health

At Ace Allied Health, we offer physiotherapy tailored to you and focus on helping you achieve your attainable goals. With a wide variety of treatments such as manual therapies, exercise therapy, dry needling, and more, we’re your go-to physio team in Bendigo, Castlemaine, and Maryborough (and online!). If you’re ready to embark on your journey, contact our experienced team today.

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