Physiotherapy in Golden Point

Empowering you to achieve your best, thanks to physiotherapy. 

At Ace Allied Health, we view physiotherapy as a comprehensive healthcare approach designed to restore and elevate your physical abilities. Whether you find yourself on the mend from an injury, wrestling with a chronic condition, or simply aiming to uplift your holistic well-being, rest assured that our seasoned team of physiotherapists is committed to supporting your path to recovery.


Physiotherapy Explained

Understanding that each individual is distinct, physiotherapy at Ace Allied Health takes on a personalised approach. Utilising custom evaluations, specifically designed treatment regimens, and evidence-based hands-on techniques, we actively partner with you in an endeavour to ease discomfort, boost your mobility, and enrich your overall life experience. 


Physio Aims to Treat a Variety of Conditions

Physiotherapy serves as a multifaceted approach to handle various health conditions, all while enabling individuals to fine-tune their physical abilities to enhance general wellness. 

Chronic Health Conditions

From arthritis and chronic pain to respiratory disorders, our Golden Point physiotherapists offer assistance for various chronic health conditions.


Explore the Extensive Range of Physiotherapy Services near Golden Point

Physiotherapy Golden Point

Onsite physiotherapy for businesses

For an employer, having a healthy team is paramount. Our onsite physiotherapy program collaborates directly with employers to offer targeted treatments, educational programs, and injury management advice, all aimed at minimising workplace injuries and boosting morale. 

Vestibular physio

If your vestibular system isn’t functioning properly, it can throw your balance off and cause symptoms like dizziness or vertigo. Recognising the impact this has on your daily life, we offer vestibular physiotherapy. Through specifically designed exercises and methods, we aim to retrain your vestibular system, bettering your balance, coordination, and overall wellness.

Sports physiotherapy Golden Point

Sports Physio Golden Point

Sports physio

We strive to be pivotal in not only treating but also preventing sports-related injuries, all while helping athletes elevate their performance levels. By employing tailored injury management approaches, hands-on therapy sessions, customised exercise plans, and proactive injury prevention advice, we empower athletes to recover, rebuild strength, and make a strong comeback in their sport with improved capabilities.


Our collection of Golden Point physiotherapy interventions focuses on optimising your physical health, mitigating discomfort, and fostering a sense of well-being. Customised to suit you, these treatments might encompass manual therapies such as joint manoeuvres and soft tissue treatments, specifically designed exercises, thermal based treatments, and advice on maintaining good posture, proper body mechanics, and self-care routines.

Physio Treatments Golden Point

Exercise Classes Golden Point

Exercise programs

We design exercise programs tailored to individual needs, taking your specific goals, medical conditions, and physical abilities into account. These programs may include a combination of stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular conditioning, and balance exercises. With these exercise programs, we aim to improve mobility, build strength, enhance endurance, promote flexibility, and restore functional movement. 

Ready to start feeling and moving better with physiotherapy?


Meet Our Golden Point Physio Team

At Ace Allied Health, we’ve assembled a varied team of top allied health professionals who are versed in a multitude of disciplines. We invest in ourselves through ongoing learning and accreditations, ensuring we’re aligned with cutting-edge developments and established experience alike. This balance enables us to tailor our approach, valuing your individual needs as we work towards optimum outcomes. 


Our Approach at Ace

We focus on individualised and all-encompassing strategies for each treatment we provide.

Not only this, we also ensure your treatment goals are achievable, as we recognise how helpful this is both physically and mentally. Our passion lies in helping you regain control of your body, regain your confidence, and embrace a life of vitality. Trust us to be your partners in movement as we strive to bring harmony and balance back into your body. 

Physiotherapy treatment Golden Point


Your Physio Questions Answered


Why you Should Choose Ace Allied Health as Your Physiotherapist

We’re totally committed to aiding you in breaking through any physical barriers.  


With unique offerings like hydrotherapy and cognitive functional therapy, we go the extra mile for you. So, whether you’re pushing sporting boundaries or managing long-term discomfort, we stand by you. Journey with us to harness your body’s potential and enjoy life with renewed vigour. 

Physiotherapist Golden Point


Start Your Recovery Process with Ace Allied Health

At Ace Allied Health, we offer physiotherapy tailored to you and focus on helping you achieve your attainable goals. With a wide variety of treatments such as manual therapies, exercise therapy, dry needling, and more, we’re your go-to physio team in Bendigo, Castlemaine, and Maryborough (and online!). If you’re ready to embark on your journey, contact our experienced team today.

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