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Assisting you in unlocking your full potential via physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapy at Ace Allied Health is a deeply rooted healthcare philosophy that centres on rejuvenating your physical functions to their peak performance. Whether you're rebounding from an injury, taking control of a long-standing health issue, or seeking to boost your day-to-day well-being, our supportive and proficient team of physiotherapists is committed to guiding you through each step of your personal journey towards optimal health.


Physiotherapy in Short

Because no two bodies are the same, your physiotherapy experience at Ace Allied Health is uniquely yours. With individualised assessments, customised treatment plans, and targeted hands-on care, we collaboratively engage with you, targeting the alleviation of pain, the elevation of your mobility, and the improvement of your quality of living. 


Conditions Physiotherapy Aims to Treat

Physiotherapy serves as a multifaceted approach to handle various health conditions, all while enabling individuals to fine-tune their physical abilities to enhance general wellness. 

Chronic Health Conditions

Whether it's arthritis, chronic pain, or respiratory issues, our aim is to provide the help you need.


The Wide World of Physiotherapy Treatments near Maldon

Physiotherapy Maldon

Onsite physiotherapy for employers

It’s in an employer’s best interests to ensure their employees are fit for work in every capacity. In our onsite physiotherapy for companies, we work directly with employers at their place of work to provide hands-on treatment and advice, education, and training programs regarding injury prevention and management. This aims to prevent workplace injuries and improve employee well-being, reducing absenteeism and improving workplace morale. 

Vestibular physiotherapy

If your vestibular system isn’t functioning properly, it can throw your balance off and cause symptoms like dizziness or vertigo. Recognising the impact this has on your daily life, we offer vestibular physiotherapy. Through specifically designed exercises and methods, we aim to retrain your vestibular system, bettering your balance, coordination, and overall wellness.

Sports physiotherapy Maldon

Sports Physio Maldon

Sports physiotherapy

Our focus is on being a key resource for athletes when it comes to injury prevention, assessment, and treatment, as well as athletic performance development. Through our comprehensive skill set, we create injury management strategies, offer various manual therapy techniques, design sport-specific exercises, and provide recommendations on how to avoid injuries. This helps athletes of diverse disciplines to recover, strengthen up, and get back to their sport with heightened performance.


We offer a diverse array of physiotherapy treatments near Maldon to elevate your physical abilities, alleviate discomfort, and boost your general health. Individualised to your unique needs, these can involve manual techniques like joint mobilisation and myofascial release, custom exercise regimens, temperature-based therapies, and educational support on proper posture, body mechanics, and self-care practices.

Physio Treatments Maldon

Exercise Classes Maldon

Exercise programs

Your well-being is paramount to us and that’s why we develop exercise plans personalised to your unique life circumstances. Your medical history, physical abilities, and life goals inform the components of your program, which may range from stretches and strengthening tasks to cardiovascular and balance training. By engaging with our bespoke exercise plans, we are committed to uplifting your mobility, amplifying your strength, bettering your endurance, enhancing flexibility, and restoring your innate functional motion. 

Ready to start feeling and moving better with physiotherapy?


Meet our Team of Maldon Physiotherapists

The Ace Allied Health crew is a collection of seasoned allied health practitioners, each highly skilled in their own distinct domains. We’re always eager to broaden our knowledge through ongoing education and the pursuit of the most recent insights in the field. This blend of tradition and innovation allows us to customise treatments to each person’s unique needs, ensuring the most favourable outcomes. 


About Our Ace Approach

We take a personalised and holistic approach to every form of treatment we offer.

Not only this, we also make sure your treatment goals are doable, aware of how this benefits you both physically and mentally. Our aim is to help you feel in control of your body again, rebuild your self-confidence, and enjoy a life filled with energy. Trust in us to help you find your balance once more. 

Physiotherapy treatment Maldon


Your Physio Questions Answered


Why Ace Allied Health is the Physio For You

We put you at the heart of everything we do, offering a breadth of services you won’t easily find nearby, such as hydrotherapy and cognitive functional therapy. Whether you’re a sportsperson on the rise or someone tackling persistent pain, we’re in your corner. Let us help you tap into your body’s true power and revel in a life lived fully. 

Physiotherapist Maldon


Take the First Step Towards Recovery with Ace Allied Health

We’re all about providing you with physiotherapy that fits your needs, centred around what you can realistically achieve. From manual therapies to dry needling, we’re the physio team you can count on in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Maryborough, and even online. Don’t hesitate; our knowledgeable team is ready and waiting for your call.

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