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Here at Ace Allied Health we have a range of highly qualified clinicians, from an array of professional backgrounds.

Lee Mason

Joining the team in 2022, Castlemaine Physiotherapy are excited to have Lee Mason, Dietitian, on board!

An accredited practicing dietitian, with 30 years of experience in her field across community health, public health, and in private practice, Lee brings an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Lee has lectured at universities and TAFE’s in her in field, and has recently been involved as Manager of Nutrition and Dietetics at Bendigo Health, and ongoing with Castlemaine Health.

With a passion for supporting and empowering clients to take control of their well being and nutrition, Lee has a mission to help deliver individual care and advice to each client she works with. With so much information out there, including apps, technology, and diet fads, it can be difficult to separate the sound, evidence backed advice that is right for you from the rest of the noise, this is where an assessment and guidance from Lee can help.

Lee can help clients with any dietary or nutrition needs, including eating disorders, weight gain and loss, chronic or metabolic conditions, diabetes, gastrointestinal and bowel conditions, heart disease and kidney and liver conditions.

In her spare time Lee enjoys keeping fit in the gym, catching up with friends and family over good coffee, or caring for her four-legged friends.

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