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Here at Ace Allied Health we have a range of highly qualified clinicians, from an array of professional backgrounds.

Matthew Coughlin

Ace Allied Health welcomed Matt to the team in 2023!

Having completed his degree from the Latrobe University Bendigo Physiotherapy program, we are excited to have Matt on board working in the same region in which he studied.

Matt brings a background in gymnastics both as a participant and coach, and a solid grounding in strength and conditioning work to his physiotherapy. Matt applies this exceptional knowledge of human movement to help his clients from all backgrounds, whether that be people involved in competitive sports, gardeners, walkers, and everything in between.

Through his previous work in gymnastics Matt has developed a special interest in working with children and teenagers, both with sports and active injuries, and growth related issues. This knowledge allows Matt to help young people return to sport and activity, maximise their participation, and provide his clients with the tools to build strength, and prevent injury in the future.

With experience working in an emergency ward before joining the team, Matt has a great knowledge of managing those acute, painful injuries to any area of the body, to get you back on track quickly.

In his downtime Matt enjoys gymnastics and tennis, and although he no longer takes part in competition, he trains multiple times a week to keep fit and active, and enjoy the social side of these activities.


Bachelor of Applied Science (La Trobe University)

Masters of Physiotherapy Practice (2022 La Trobe University)

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